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Act to End Violence Against Women

You can give the valuable gift of your time by volunteering with Act To End Violence Against Women in any number of ways including:

  • Apply for a Board of Directors’ position
  • Become a Peer Educator (training provided by Act To End Violence Against Women)
  • Share your story (if you are a survivor) as a member of our Speakers’ Bureau
  • Join a committee for fundraising, events and/or special projects
  • Participate in programs or project support
  • Student Placements
  • Provide office support

Benefits to volunteers include:

  • Acquisition of valuable organizational skills
  • Resume-worthy experiences
  • Interaction with other volunteers and stakeholders
  • Useful business / social networking
  • Development of proficiency as a speaker or peer presenter
  • Empowerment from sharing your story as a survivor of violence against women
  • Increased knowledge about violence against women issues
  • Advancing the movement to end violence against women
  • Personal gratification


To inquire about volunteer opportunities, call Act To End Violence Against Women at 1-866-333-5942 or 905-695-5372

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