Emotional Abuse Highlighted

I am so pleased to see that someone has finally written a book about emotional abuse, the way it looks and its devastating effects on women. The book, written by researcher Gunta Krumins is entitled ” The Detrimental Effects of Emotional Abuse: How Emotional Abuse and Elder Abuse Destroy Us All’ and is found on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble. My deepest passion in this work is to illuminate in a strong as way as possible what emotional abuse is all about. Most people think only of physical abuse when they talk about Violence Against Women. In fact, abusive relationships do not always begin with physical abuse but often with emotional abuse and sometimes escalate to the physical.

A woman who is emotionally abused is damaged in her very soul. Her sense of self is at serious risk, her self-esteem is eroded, she begins to believe all that he tells her about how stupid she is, how she is ugly, not able to make good decisions, that her family and friends are no good, and on and on. Often this becomes the woman’s “normal” and although she may not like it, does not always recognize it and name it as abuse.

We need to keep talking about emotional abuse and what a healthy relationship looks like.