Violence Against Women (VAW)

Psychological, Verbal & Emotional Abuse

Constantly criticizing, ridiculing, humiliating, degrading, lying, undermining self-esteem, controlling contacts with friends and family, restricting mobility, monitoring telephone calls, threatening to harm partner, self or others (children, family, friends, pets), threatening to make reports to authorities that jeopardize child custody, immigration or legal status, threatening to disclose HIV status or sexual orientation to friends, neighbours and/or employers.

Stalking / Harassing Behaviour

Following, turning up unexpectedly at workplace or house, parking outside, repeated phone calls or mail to victim and/or family, friends, colleagues.

Financial Abuse

Controlling or stealing money, fostering dependency, making financial decisions without asking or telling partner.

Sexual Abuse/Harassment

Forcing sex or specific acts, pressuring into unwanted sexual behavior, criticizing performance.

Physical Abuse

Hitting; choking; slapping; burning; shoving; using a weapon; physically restraining; intentional interference with basic needs (e.g. food, medicine, sleep). breaking furniture or windows, throwing or smashing objects, trashing clothes or other on – destroying mementos, possessions