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“Protect Yourself, Stop the Violence Against You”

This groundbreaking pamphlet, endorsed by The Ontario and Manitoba Medical Associations and published in English, French, Russian, Hebrew and Spanish, provides practical guidance to women trapped in abusive relationships.  To date, over 300,000 copies have been distributed to the public through hospitals, shelters, physicians, lawyers, social workers and women’s health centers.


Women trapped in abusive relationships are often unprepared for a sudden/urgent need to flee and lack a clear plan of action. This pamphlet is a practical tool with a concise and useful checklist of what to do to prepare for departure from an abusive situation and includes a clear guide to signs of abuse.

“Sexual Assault, It’s Not Your Fault”

Palm-sized information pamphlet for campus distribution developed by Act To End Violence Against Women includes a clear definition of sexual assault, myths and facts, statistics, information about sexual assault drugs, student safety tips and useful resources.

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“A Guide to Healthy Relationships”


To order pamphlets, call Act To End Violence Against Women at 1-866-388-5942.